Who are we?

It all started with a single product: Soy bean sprouts. A number of years later, the company’s vision expanded from being a Soy bean sprout nursery to being a vegetable sprout nursery, with four different sorts of vegetable sprouts. By now, there are 23 different sorts available. Van der Plas Sprouts BV has developed into the largest producer of vegetable sprouts in Europe and is a trendsetter in the sphere of vegetable sprouts. Besides innovation, Van der Plas also places great emphasis on food safety. As well as being SKAL, IFS and GlobalG.A.P. certified, we have also developed our own protocol to guarantee food safety.

Harvesting – Washing – Packaging

Van der Plas cultivates all its vegetable sprouts in a hydroculture. This is done in warm, conditioned spaces. The average growth process of vegetable sprouts lasts between 5 and 10 days. Because of our specialisation and the quantity sold, fresh harvesting can take place every day. And so harvesting goes on 365 days a year.

After harvesting, the vegetable sprouts are immediately washed, which removes the seed husks from them, and then they are also centrifuged. Subsequently, they are transferred to the cooler again.

To a large extent, we package the sprouts ourselves at our plant and they are subsequently distributed throughout the Netherlands.