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Welcome to the official home page of Van der Plas Sprouts, Europe’s largest sprouts company. Here you can find information about our company profile, our products and the latest news. Van der Plas is SKAL, IFS and GlobalG.A.P. certified. In addition, we have also developed our own protocol to guarantee food safety. You will find an overview of our certificates here.

Van der Plas Sprouts b.v. produces vegetable sprouts with great care. It is important that the work is done hygienically, so that no bacteria are present in or on the product. In order to verify whether Van der Plas Sprouts b.v. actually does go about its work hygienically, there are various certificates to be earned as a company. These certificates give Van der Plas Sprouts b.v. permission to produce vegetable sprouts. For an overview of the various certificates, see here.

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Vegetable sprouts are young, recently germinated small plants. Due to the fact that they are harvested at an early stage, they contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins. Particularly if you compare them with the fully-grown vegetable.

The substances are more easily assimilable if the seeds have sprouted; this is because of the thin cell wall of the vegetable sprouts. The best-known sprouts at the moment are Alfalfa and Soy bean sprouts, but there are many others too.

an der Plas currently produces as many as 23 different sorts of vegetable sprouts.

Also, the products are processed into various types of packaging.

Discover below what sorts of vegetable sprouts and packs there are in our range.


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